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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Oh dear Lord, I have started a blog...

I posted a tweet today that said I was going to write an article about how people working for free in television makes me irate... then I realised that for it to be classed an 'article' it would actually need to be a written piece... I then realised that if I didn't publish it in some form, it would simply serve as my 'venting' and not actually spark discussion - which I am interested for it to do.

That therefore leads me to the creation of this blog.

I stress here and now that I am not a writer, nor do I wish to be. I do however have lots of thoughts and opinions and here, is where I intend (best intentions) to share them! I apologise for my shocking inevitable grammatical mistakes - I did go to a good school but somehow failed to find learning (at that stage in my life) too interesting *whistles*...

I intend to to share my thoughts (and the thoughts of those I speak with) on issues that I care enough about to crave more than 140 characters on, here.

I do not intend to 'steal' anyone else's thoughts or ideas, and this blog is merely that - a blog. I may comment on areas that are similar to posts on other sites, and I may reference jobs in the public domain; however - I do so purely as part of my thought process, and not to emulate the work of others.

Lastly - the legal bit - EVERYTHING expressed on here is my own personal thought and opinion. The blog posts in no way, shape or form represent the beliefs/values/practices/ideas of my current - or any historical or future - employer. It's all about me - simples!

 ©June 2012 – Lou Gallagher

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