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Friday, 15 June 2012


#tvmingling - what is it all about? I sold (well - not really - it was free) #tvmingling on the basis that it was:

#TVMINGLING An evening of mingling... come and drink, network, seek advice, give advice, make contacts, share contacts, take part in a Q&A with leading industry experts, make new friends and hopefully, have a good time!

If you are a new entrant wishing to find a way in, a junior member of staff looking for advice on how to step up or an expert seeking new talent/ new opportunities/ wishing to share the wealth of your ways, or, someone working in/wanting to work in the industry and just fancying a pint and some banter, then #tvmingling is for you!

Essentially the first event was a 'pilot' - an opportunity to test the water, to see if anyone wanted such an event and then to see what they wanted to make them return!

The first event was a resounding success - so much so that I had too many gin fizzes, and whilst I retained composure throughout our Q&A, I was certainly bordering sozzled at home time! Next time I shall remember not to mic my drink requests to a crowd of 200!

I intend to make this a quarterly, regional event - and hopefully it can expand with sponsorship and interest. It will remain a free event - as without the generous support of those who helped me, I would not be writing this today; so, karma and all that...

Fancy a mooch at some of the photos from round 1? of course you do! They are about to follow, courtesy of the EXCELLENT lifestyle and stills photographer Kris Piotrowski. i insist you book him - and prior to that check out his fantastic work:

 ©June 2012 – Lou Gallagher


  1. It does look amazing! I can't wait for the Manchester one x

  2. It was amazing!!! How Roy CHUBBY brown do I look?! Nathan x

  3. All looks very civilised! Good work Lou.