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Wednesday, 8 August 2012


So my lovelies... what I am wondering next is what you would like from the next edition of #TVMINGLING

I can confirm that our rescheduled summer (yup - I thought we might actually have one!) event will be launched soon and will be happening in late September. We will also have a Northern leg - in Manchester city centre.

The last event was a resounding success for all - well, all but me... I definitely had too many tequilas to calm my nerves and left the evening a little more tipsy than planned!!!

What I want to ensure that the next event is just as positively received - and what better way to ensure that than to a. take on board the feedback to date and b. open the floor to you all for suggestions

#TVMINGLING will remain a free event - with a focus on informal 'mingling' and networking. An opportunity for people across all levels of television to interact and have a fun yet informative evening.

We intend to keep the expert panel Q&A session - however this time, the ticket registering system will enable you to post your question as you sign up to the event - so that you don't have to send a separate email.

There will be a broader range of experts 'mingling' - to help people across all levels, genres and roles in TV. I intend to initiate a badge system which makes peoples area of expertise more evident - so that you can, if you so wish, target who you network with.

There is going to be a new fun element to the evening - as the ice breaker - which is more interactive, and will hopefully enable more of you to have the opportunity to talk to more people across the evening.

There will be - of course - the popular happy hour drinks prices, and nibbles too - to soak up all the booze!

So - please take this opportunity to a. start getting excited again - you have to love a bit of #tvmingling and b. to use the comments box below to make suggestions as to who you might like to meet, what we might do to encourage you to come back and where the focus of discussions might go to enable new paths of discussion from the panel.

Don't forget - #tvmingling is open to all. It is a free event designed to enable those of us slogging away in the industry - or to get into it - the opportunity to put face to name, to have a glass of vino and learn from each other. After all - caring is sharing

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