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Monday, 19 January 2015

NEW YEAR NEW JOB... aaaagh there are no jobs!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wahoooo... no doubt for many these words were coupled with merriment, drinks, friends and not a care in the world.

For those who had a contract finishing just before Christmas - the feeling of unemployment had yet to sink in, and those returning to a job in January had nothing to worry about, right?

Then the third week of January hit.

Those unemployed are starting to fret - as it dawned on them the last Friday of the month would not be bringing a pay cheque.

The ones who went back to work are equally fretting - as contracts near an end and they realised the pay cheque in January may be the last for a while.

We all know that Winter sucks for new jobs. Commissions tend to slow off the ground in November - January, and as such, prospects aren't as fruitful as they can be when the sun starts to shine again in Spring.

There is always the fear that **you might not get another job**. Not ever... but not anytime soon.

It is scary. Really scary.

Putting the money complications to one side, those who have only just broken in to the industry do not want to be cast back out, and those of us having been here a while, know how strong the swimmers alongside us are.

In short, it is one of the most challenging times to be job hunting: there are less roles, and thus more people going for them.

The positive news is the end is in sight! Job boards ae starting slowly to flourish once more, and notifications re postings in Talent Groups starting to trickle in to the inbox.

Don't give up. Keep applying for all that you are suited to - but do just that. When fear creeps in, it can be easy to apply for everything! Like my friend, the Prod Coord, who recently applied for a costume trainee role. 'Ah I didn't know you wanted to go into costume' I mused. 'I don't' she said 'I just need a job so I'm applying for everything'. Suffice to say she didn't even get an interview. 'Waaaah' she wailed. 'I'm so over qualified - as if I didn't get an interview'. She didn't - and you won't if you too apply for mismatched roles - for the simple fact she was not the right person for the job!

Be cautious you don't prevent yourself from being short listed by some of the (no doubt) superb shows coming up as Spring approaches by bombarding PMs. Talent Execs and those advertising roles with unsuitable applications in the chillier months.

Instead stay warm by staying at home, brushing up your CV and undertaking work/volunteering that sits alongside your real goal. I was inspired by an AP I met for coffee recently who is volunteering once a week at a dog shelter - taking stills for their website. Is she purely doing it from the kindness of her heart? No - she gets to practice her photography on their snazzy (donated) camera, and also gets to back up her interest in animals as she awaits that perfect AP gig working on an animal show.

It is also really easy to think you are alone - you're not. There are tons of us starting to think about our next role in a quiet time. Lean on your friends in a similar boat - offer to cast your eye over each others CV, go for creative coffees and brainstorm pitch ideas and such like for possible use at interview, and practice your interview technique. Honestly it is fun and will help prevent you freezing when you finally get an IV and they ask 'what do you love about your role'. Nothing worse than a generic 'Um... all of it?'.

Christmas was the season to be Ho Ho Ho jolly - pre Spring is the season to be savvy. Utilise this quiet time and go charging into the busy period raring to go!

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